Importance of Career Guidance

12 May, 2021
Importance of Career Guidance

Students today are under a lot of pressure - pressure to get good grades and perform academically, pressure from peers to be the 'popular one', and ultimately pressure to 'settle down' and be successful. The one strand that ties all of these is choosing one's career. This decision is usually taken under the duress from parents and the society we live in. But is this sufficient for a child to base the foundation of their entire career on?

In order to make the right decision, one must seek proper career guidance and counseling. Career guidance is essential for many reasons:

Understanding a student's true potential: With the help of scientifically developed aptitude and personality assessments a counselor gains a holistic understanding of the student and is then able to give the best suited career advice. Every person is unique and has different capabilities; the key is to identify his/her capabilities and unique qualities through career counseling.

Bringing in objectivity: Often, students tend to grow up with predetermined beliefs of what they want to become because their parents/ relatives/ friends are in the same profession. Good career guidance can quell such notions and help students view them for who they really are. After all, it is not always necessary for the children to follow in the footsteps of their parents.

Developing clarity: Many times, students are confused about what they want to study further when the time to make a decision arises. This may not necessarily be due to lack of interest but that they are too young to make such a lasting decision. Seeking career guidance helps identify interests, brings clarity of what subjects they want to choose and ultimately make the right career choice.

Putting things into perspective: Sometimes, a student may have already decided on a particular career but is unsure of how to qualify academically for it. At this point, career guidance can help put things in perspective for the student by drawing out a map of how to go about achieving their chosen career path.

Knowing your options: One of the most important aspects of career guidance is to solely know what are the career options out there. Today, a student has numerous options to choose from which may not be your so-called "mainstream" career choices but something that will help nurture the talent and intellect of the student. A good career counselor will help provide a student with the necessary information and guide you to make the right decision.

Sadly, many students, parents and institutions tend to overlook career guidance. This can prove to be a costly mistake, for it is expert guidance that leads to well-informed, correct career choices.