Psycho-Educational Evaluation and Intervention:

This service offers therapy for children with special needs. Our focus is on children with learning disabilities, ADHD, mild Autistic traits and other behavioural issues. At Merittude, we do not believe in the 'one cap fits all model' and each child that comes to us is treated as a unique individual. We use a variety of therapy models to ensure that the every need of the child is met.

We also offer psychological and educational assessments to identify various learning difficulties. These assessments are internationally certified and our diagnostic reports are widely accepted by the ICSE, CBSE and other International boards across India.

Each child will get an Individualized Education Programme (I.E.P) based on needs of the child and in consultation with the parents. We also believe in a collaborative effort and focus on working with both parents and the school to ensure that your child gets the best care for development of his/her skills. We give regular feedback with parents with report, on their child's progress and review the goals once every six months.


Identification - Using a battery of standardized psychological and educational assessments we are able to identify the nature and extent of the child’s difficulties and this will help us to create a focused individualized plan catered to their specific needs.

Remediation - Based on the needs of the child we design personalized skill-developing programs to address learning difficulties. We use anall-inclusive approach that focuses on three main areas: Academics, Behaviour and Social Skills.

Career Guidance:

As a parent you are often concerned about your child's future. This can be a confusing time for both parent and child. With Merittude's comprehensive career mapping, children can identify the educational path that best matches their personality and interests.

The Psychometric tools used in this module are a powerful combination of inherent and environmental measures, gauging the individual's personality and learning styles on a holistic level. A result of commendable research, these assessments provide an objective framework that will enable the child to choose the right path to continue growing and learning based on their potentials and strengths.

We recommend a battery of assessments to give a broad insight into your child's strengths and potential. These assessments will assess various parameters including personality, learning styles and interests of the child. We also have a host of assessments to suit different needs, whether it is to identify subject choices for 8th, 9th and 10th standard children; or to gain perspective on which career path will be most suited to their interests and personality at 11th and 12th standard.


Therapy can be a safe way to develop a deeper understanding of your child's life challenges. However, getting a child to be open can be tough. At Merittude we believe that creating a safe and secure environment and by engaging the child in their interest areas we are able to help them overcome various obstacles. Furthermore, all sessions are planned according to the child's needs. We maintain a high level of confidentiality during these sessions. Below are some of the issues that we commonly treat:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Grief and loss
  • Stress management
  • Disruptive behavior
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Parent-child conflict
  • Anger control problems
  • Social skills deficits
  • Executive functioning support
  • Life adjustments and transitions


1.For Students:

We, at Merittude, believe that the student population is the future and shaping their minds is essential to the community. Our workshops cover a wide range of topics such as:

  • Basic life skills,
  • Career guidance,
  • Emotional development,
  • Learning styles and;
  • Developing an inclusive mindset toward all their peers.
2.For Teachers:

Teachers are the most crucial part of not just a school or an institution, but also of the formation of society. They contribute to the growth and development of a nation and the world. Hence it is so important for them to constantly update their skills and add value to the student's and subsequently to the school's development. At Merittude, we help empower educators by giving them the skills in three main areas:

  • Value adding to their teaching skills/methodology,
  • Effective classroom management and
  • Creating an inclusive environment within the school.
3.For Parents:

Parenting constitutes one of the best parts of an individual's life, but at times can get tough and overwhelming because of the constant choices and decisions that need to made. We can ease this process by conducting various seminars by experts in the field to help and equip parents with the right tools necessary. Some of the topics that are covered include:

  • Parenting 101
  • Identification of learning styles
  • Shaping your child's future: A career perspective.

Note: We create customized workshops as well based on the needs of the school, apartment complex, company, etc. Experts in the fields of education and psychology conduct our workshops.

About the Founder

An experienced professional, Madhuri Mohan is a Behavioral Psychologist, Special Educator, Career Counselor and trained Psychometric Analyst with a masters in Psychology from, the University of Hertfordshire, UK.

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