Merittude is an inclusive holistic development center for children and young adults offering services that include psycho-educational evaluation and intervention, career guidance, counselling, and workshops.

Our Vision

To create a positive impact on children, parents and teachers to help themachieve goals.

Our Mission

To empower children, parents and teachers using an integrated learning and development approach.

Our Motto

To understand Perspective, discover Potentials and prepare for Excellence.

Why Choose Us

Comprehensive range of services

Psycho-Educational Evaluation and Intervention

We offer carefully constructed IEPs designed to undertsand the child’s academic, behavioral and socio-emotional developmental needs.

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Career Guidance

We use a battery of effective psychometric tools to evaluate an individual’s personality and learning stylesto give you a morecomprehensive insight into their potential.

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Use of unique methods of therapy to help children cope with their concern areas.

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Customized training and development programmes for students, parents and teachers.

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About the Founder

An experienced professional, Madhuri Mohan is a Behavioral Psychologist, Special Educator, Career Counselor and trained Psychometric Analyst with a masters in Psychology from, the University of Hertfordshire, UK.

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Associated with

We are associated with renowned rehabilitation counselor and clinical psychologist Ms. Salma Prabhu, founder of ACE, Mumbai. She has vast experience in the field of psychology and has won many awards for her contribution to the field of education in India. ACE Pvt. Ltd. (Mumbai) powers our remediation assessments and diagnostic evaluation.

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